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Interview with Wayland Tunley (b.1937).

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Wayland Tunley moved to Milton Keynes in 1972. He considered it was ' the place to be' for qualified architects at that time because of the magnitude of the project and the opportunity work with architects such as Derek Walker and Fred Roche. Once he was living in the Milton Keynes area, he applied for a job at the Milton Keynes Development Corporation, was interviewed by Derek Walker and employed as an Architect. He discusses the architectural plans for the early housing estates of Milton Keynes in detail, describing his involvement with the designing of Fullers Slade and explains the effects that the government Yardstick housing project had on planning of these estates. After his work on Fullers Slade, he was involved with the designing of Cofferidge Close, Wolverton and Neath Hill. In his opinion the building of Milton Keynes has been a success.



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