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The Hayle Archive has now posted many photo collections for your perusal and interest. If you enjoy looking at the many images we hope you will be inspired to donate or loan any similar photos/documents/maps etc so that we can add them to the on-line database for all to see. Please do not allow your old photos to deteriorate in the loft or garage, contact us and we will arrange to collect them if necessary. Thank you.

If you have problems navigating around the pictures please copy and paste this URL into your web browser where you can view a short video of what to do.


If you would like to comment on any of the images in the database, e.g. to correct inaccuracies or recall memories please use the contact details on the front page quoting the Reference number for the image. Thank you.


Using the Search option (top right) may not give what you expect. E.g entering 'rugby' in the search field will also bring up images of 'cricket'. This is because some cricket teams were photographed on Hayle 'rugby' field.

To narrow down your search use the advanced search facility and from the middle drop-down menu select the 'subject' field. That should give only 'rugby' images. Using these drop-down menus in different combinations should give you more accurate results.

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